Proof of the pudding

VSWR plots of the 20/15m prototype CHAD MF-1. 20m top and bottom 15m plot. VSWR> 1.2:1 at 20m.

>1.35:1 at 15m. Markers show band edges and mid band frequencies.

The photo on the left shows a very old installation probably the first incarnation of two antennas side by side. Now there are three antennas on the mast operating on HF and 4m. All working as designed on one piece of coax and under computer control.


New photos will be added in due course. .





Shown above a plot of the power density† produced in AN SOF Professional of a 30m single band antenna. The resultant gain was shown to be 2.5dBi with a low angle of radiation of about 20 degrees.


Who says physically short antennas donít work!?