Integrated Robot Controller.

This has more or less died a death with Robot Wars no longer being screened on TV. I have included the files here for those who may still be interested in the design. The text file is in PDF format, the PCB and PIC files are zipped.

CTCSS Tone encoder.

This article was published in Practical Wireless in the middle part of 2010. There subsequently has been a lot of interest shown in this article and there will be a kit of parts made available through Spectrum Communications by September 2010.

CTCSS Tone decoder.

This was such a nice project and proved to be very successful and intrigued me no end. This idea with a number of other articles for publication was submitted to a Dutch magazine for consideration but I have heard no word on this for a good while. This to, if no word from the magazine will be published in due course for download only.

VoIP Linking Interface.

This project which indecently has still been running very successfully for maybe four years saw publication a few years back in Practical Wireless. The article will be added here for those who are interested in the article.


The PIC source code and PCB files may be available, but on personal request, and will be provided on the understanding that they are strictly for personal use only. Use the email address below for contact details.

The additional files for download will be made available in due course. —Ken. 19.02.2009